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Best Psychic Medium Seattle Washington

About JJ

This is a brief story of my spiritual journey. I came into my gift at a very difficult time in my life. As a child of the foster care system, I prayed to God daily that I might learn how to forgive others. But while asking for the gift of forgiveness, I struggled with guilt and self-doubt, wondering what I’d done wrong to invite such suffering into my life. In the process, I learned that suffering itself can be a gift.  During this time, I became extremely ill, and doctors could not diagnose me. So I had to trust what was happening, which is how I came to believe that everything happens for a reason. it was the beginning of my Spiritual Detox. While ill, I went through my daily routine of work, school and dance lessons, but I began to see things in a different light. I found that I could “feel” what people were saying to me, and I could see things in my mind’s eye while I talked to them.  At first, it was scary…. sometimes I would throw up when I walked into a room full of people because the energy was too intense for me to bear.


There were times when I had so much anxiety that I would sweat through my clothes several times a day. I could not control my ability to “read” people, and I picked up on every energetic nuance around me. As a Christian, I knew the tenets of my faith did not support what I was experiencing, so I searched for guidance through books, websites, and other teachings, but finally could do nothing but surrender to God, asking to be shown my path. The same day that I said to God, “Please show me what this means,” I saw a medium doing readings on television. And that was my sign. I contacted that Healer -- Pat Longo – and she became my mentor for the next year. I then heard about Lisa Williams and ended up being flown out to Chicago for a week of studying with her, ultimately to be tested and certified as a medium.


My next big accomplishment was to meet noted medium Suzanne Northrop (who mentored John Edward). She asked me to do a reading for her at the 2014 Afterlife Conference, and she said, “Joshua that was absolutely amazing. No wonder everybody is raving about you. You are going to help a lot of people.” The approval of these wonderful mentors means the world to me, but it’s not about the approval. It’s about the help I can offer.  I am on a mission to show that love is eternal, death is just a shift in dimensional perspective, and your loved ones are always with you. Blessings.

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