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Best Psychic in Portland Oregon

Psychic Readings

Appointment where JJ connects with your soul energy. This sort of reading can bring up your past, your present and future possibilities for your life. Psychic readings address real world issues that might need some guidance. This is not a fortune telling reading where he tells you what to do with your life. JJ gives practical and down to earth guidance, wanting to empower you so that you are able to make decisions for yourself based off of Spirit lead information. 

$180/45 minutes | $150/30 minutes

Most accurate Psychic Portland Oregon

Mediumship Readings

Evidential mediumship reading where JJ connects with those in the Spirit World. During this sort of reading, JJ will open his senses to see who in Spirit comes forward to connect with you and give specific evidence of their survival and messages. Often times, this includes descriptions of their personality, relationship to you, passing condition, physical description, important date, names, memories shared and other information that they feel is important for you to know. This sort of reading aims to prove that life is continuous and that consciousness survives physical death and that our loved ones are still paying attention to what is currently going on in our lives despite not having a physical body. 


$180/45 minutes | $150/30 minutes 

Psychic Readings Portland Oregon

Demonstrations are usually held with an attendance of more than 15 people. These events are great for those who've never been to a Medium and are curious to see what happens. These events are filled will a lot of laughter and a lot of messages. Not everyone gets read. Joshua has done venues as large as 800. for the last 2.5 years, JJ continues to do local demonstrations that benefit local non-profits within the Portland area.

Mediumship Demonstrations

Group Readings

Group readings are great to do for a fun night with freinds and family. Every person is given a reading. Most ask about loved ones who've passed and there are some that ask questions about their own life. JJ has been doing them for nearly 9 years and is asked to do group readings at least 3 times a month throughout Oregon and California.

10-15 people

$50 per person

Do you have friends/family that want to do a group reading? Schedule it to be in person or over Zoom which is free to use on your phone or computer.

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